1)  A prayer for reconciliation
2)  A prayer for compassion
3)  A prayer for wisdom
4)  A prayer for redemption
5)  A prayer for maturity
6)  A prayer for generosity
7)  A prayer for transformation

I read this seven fold prayer recently.  It was written for the church body at large, and came with explanations for each.  I thought that perhaps some of you might have insights regarding one or more of these needs?

Take a few moments to peruse the list –  where, in your estimation, is our greatest weakness?  I know this is subjective and with enough people commenting we would have all seven eventually named.

So perhaps, as you peruse, can you pray?  Pray for that one or more areas that keep coming back to as you scour this list.

Father, may we seek to excel in every aspect of Your divine will!

– Dale