“For God so Loved . . .”  We've quoted this and similar verses so often that maybe their impact upon us has waned a bit in the repetition.  We have the habit of looking for formulas when only relationships will do.  We look for process when our Creator only seeks for us to possess.

How often are you awed by God's love?  The truly remarkable thing is that our Lord knows us through and through, inside and out, and yet still sees something worth loving in each of us.  Of course that “something” is His knowledge of what we are capable of becoming - of being - if filled with His presence.


To be filled though, one must surrender.  God will only send His loving flood through open doors!  Which causes me wonder about the aroma of submission.  It must be distinct!  The fragrance is captivating to God, every whiff reminding Him of His Son.  The very act of drawing in God the Holy Spirit is as flood waters rushing through a broken levee.

Think about Saul on the road to Damascus, the stench of rebellion rising upward to God from Saul's heart.  Then envision Paul picking himself up out of the dust, broken and blind but with the sweet smell of submission making its way to God from his freshly changed heart.  God knew what Saul would be when overwhelmed by His Spirit - so He struck him down in love.  God blinded his eyes but gave him true sight.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son . . .”  He gave His Son to be butchered so that once the sacrifice was accomplished we would finally have the ability to actually see light . . . to possess life . . . to know His amazing love!

His love runs so incredibly deep for us.  That of course, is the reason that God Himself surrendered first!  He gave, so that we might have!  How long has it been since you've allowed God's amazing love to inspire you?

Merry Christmas!

- Dale