Today marks the beginning of the Advent Season.  The significance of this season (as in all things) varies from person to person and perhaps from denomination to denomination.  But truly, how each of us prepare for something speaks volumes of how much we treasure and cherish that something.  That of course, is our meaning when we use the phrase “Advent Season.”  We speak of a time of preparation.

Christmas (in our culture, at least) can’t just sneak up on anyone – it’s impossible.  Unless of course, if you’re just waking up from a coma, then maybe?  It’s ingrained within each of us as small children how to recognize the signs that the “season of getting” is fast approaching. My training began with a great little invention called the Sears wish book.  This amazing catalog was filled with pages and pages of every toy known to mankind!  It was our generation’s internet.

Maturing in my faith though, has changed the way I see Christmas, therefore, changing the way I prepare for this special time as well.  One of the tools I use in that preparation is the concept of the Advent Season.  I strive to meditate upon or dwell on each symbol or ideal of the Advent Season and consider how they have impacted my life:

• The unique hope we have in Christ

• The love shown by the Creator to His fallen and rebellious creation

• The joy that now resides within our hearts because of the presence of Jesus Christ

• And finally, the peace that this living Presence brings

Each of these deepen in significance as I understand them a bit more.  They help me to keep things sorted, and in a somewhat proper perspective.

I go crazy this time of year, I know, but in a good way . . . and hopefully in a Christ-honoring way.  How is it that you prepare in honoring your King’s birth?  How do you celebrate the giving of the “perfect Gift” for yourself and this entire world?

How you prepare for something can be a strong indication of how significant that something is to you.

Teach me Your way, O Lord.


– Dale