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Fear is a gripping emotion.  It can easily cause us to suddenly freeze up, completely incapacitating us.  Fear in its myriad of forms can be seen as completely sensible, like the fear of spiders or snakes; or, it can be seen as completely illogical, such as the fear of bathrooms.  No matter how we experience it, its reality can't be dismissed.  It's powerful.

Interestingly, one person's greatest joy can actually be another's greatest fear, showing us that fear comes wrapped up in so many different styles.  Unfortunately many times that fear will cause us to align ourselves with the world just to help alleviate it.  For example, the fear of loneliness may cause us to seek inappropriate companionship.  The fear of obscurity may cause us to seek popularity at any and all cost.

For almost every fear there seems to be some type of sensible counter balance created by this world system to help diminish that particular terror.  As Christians we may have a problem with many of these so-called solutions.  Mainly because since our rebirth, we're different, striving to live in a different way.  What seems reasonable to "single-birth" folks just won't work for us "dos-birth" people.

Peter tells us that, "once we were not a people, but now we are . . ." (1Peter 2).  So, he and other early Christians encourage us to seek Godly answers to our fears and weaknesses.  Peter writes urging the early church (and us as well) to think of ourselves as aliens, strangers here in this world, not allowing ourselves to succumb to earthly desires.  Part of that incorrect desiring is found in fearing the wrong things.

God tells Isaiah, not to follow the way of the people, not to fear what they fear.  God states, "The Lord Almighty is the one you are to fear, the one you are to regard as holy, the one you are to dread."  It would seem that the solution to our possible fears is found in knowing what, or better put, who to fear!  How do you cure fear?  With fear!  Properly placed fear.  This proper placement is made possible when we are reborn.  We then gain the capacity to truly know God, therefore to truly fear God. To become awed by our Creator.  So fear becomes a gift, that helps alleviate fear! Trust me, it's not logical it's not meant to be.  It's a God thing!


– Dale