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PEACE 2010

What's on your Christmas list this year?  What is it that you wish with all your might to see under the tree this holiday season?  Of course the list is as endless as there is taste - right?  Or no taste, for that matter.  There's so much to choose from!  We've got iPods and Mega Moon Mood Hopz's available to us.  Or maybe you'd prefer an EyeClopse Mini Projector?  If you can think it up, someone, somewhere is trying to make it available in multiple colors and various sizes for your purchasing pleasure!  I mean who wouldn't want Power Paws Nonslip Socks for their pet?  Or my personal favorite, a personalized stuffy that looks just like you.  (I know what Ann's getting for Christmas!) ?

All of this “stuff” that finds it's way under our tree, is really a far cry from the presents promised to us on that very first Christmas.  Prominent among these first gifts (and probably the most sought after - in one way or another) is the gift of peace.  Isaiah stated  centuries before the birth of Jesus, that this Savior would be known as “The Prince of Peace.”  How cool is that?  The “Boss of peace!”  The angels who appeared to ghost-white, terrified shepherds on the hills outside of Bethlehem even sang of “peace on earth” at the birth of Jesus.  But really, where does this peace exist?  There certainly was no peace for the Babe born in the Bethlehem manager.  A murderous king saw to that.  But Jesus' life  was marked by grief.  He was refreshing water for people living in a desert and they refused to drink!  ?

So where's the peace in our strife-filled world?  Look within.  The peace that Jesus rules is the greatest possible expression of it!  This “Jesus-peace” that defies understanding is the power of presence . . . His!  He comes into our lives and does a new thing.  Lovingly He doesn't leave us like He found us but transforms us into peace-seeking missiles!  We become peace-peddlers which helps lead to more external peace in the world - at least, it should.  ?

So, you're making your Christmas list . . . that's good!  I hope you get all the gizmos you desire, because I like seeing you happy.  But let me suggest a greater treasure, an ancient treasure that's been around since the very first Christmas.  Peace - the peace of presence. Let Jesus show you what gifting is all about! ?

- Dale