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Sunday, January 27 2019 00:00

Ok, here are the facts...

The New Orleans Saints lost last Sunday because you didn’t come to church enough last year.  While we’re being truthful, it’s the same reason that the LSU Tigers lost in overtime to a less talented Texas A&M team and had to play a podunk school like UCF in a bowl game.  Just think of the seasons they both would have had if you actually invited people to worship with you this last year?

Does any of this sound reasonable?

Of course not!

It’s “kiss the blarney-stone” malarkey!!!

We know in both cases it’s grown men playing a game against grown men with an oblong ball, and anything can happen... even bad calls!

I took the chance of incurring your wrath just to accentuate this important point.  Day-by-day we make unique choices in our lives that have a way of creating certain paths for us – then suddenly we wonder, “How did we get to this particular place?”

“Do not move an ancient landmark or enter the fields of the fatherless.”  Proverbs 23:10

Day-by-day, decision by decision we chip away at ancient standards – believing that they are obsolete.  Failing to realize that, when God plants a stone of remembrance (as He does with the Decalogue) He means for it to always be remembered.  No matter what the present day faithless culture may be preaching!

Grown people are busy leading anyone who will listen and follow as far away from the light as possible.  Please don’t assist them ... make the call when those within your sphere of influence begin to cross God’s ancient boundaries.

– Dale

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