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Sunday, February 10 2019 00:00

To hear God call our name awes us!

To consider facing such an experience without trembling knees is unthinkable.† To stand before the One, the Author of all that exists, stretches our imaginations to the breaking point.† Then to have that One speak our name transforms and changes life.†

Jesus, too, heard the voice from heaven saying what He already knew.† He was Godís beloved.† What a wonderful message!† To be the beloved Child of the Creator.†

To know one is loved like that transforms and prepares us for anything.† Perhaps that is why the gospels tell us that Jesus left the baptismal moment and Godís affirming voice to go into the desert to be tempted by Satan.

Jesus prevailed because He remembered the voice; He remembered who He was and who was with Him!

God knows us ... calls us by name ... we are not strangers!† No! Ė we are His beloved!


Ė Dale

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