Written by Pastor   
Sunday, February 17 2019 00:00

God is transcendent!  Meaning that He is beyond our knowing, beyond our  comprehension, beyond any credible description.  God is a reality beyond perception – but a reality none-the-less.  However, there is no existent vista where one could stand and  take in the complete view of God’s glorious presence successfully.

But here’s the fascinating thing regarding our Creator –  that although being so beyond any possible knowing, He yet deigned to stoop down and make Himself known – by becoming us!  What essentially was beyond our grasp or understanding, suddenly drew in breath and placed Himself within the hands of His creation.

Today, because of this sacrifice... we (you and I) can taste and know that God is so very good!  We have the ability to possess an assurance – and without even having clearly comprehended the full scope of God.

We can know because God came down and through that gift He opened up our minds and hearts to know that which cannot be fully known.  Paradoxical as it may seem... God in His incomprehensible grace desires to make Himself known to you!

Thank you Jesus!

– Dale