Written by Pastor   
Sunday, March 03 2019 00:00

We need not wonder about the cost of ministry.  We need only look upon the cross with Jesus suspended there – and there we see the enormous cost of the ministry that is offered in the life and death of Jesus. 

The cost is great, but in the work of introducing men and women to Jesus and offering God’s love to them, the cost must be accepted.  For it is our own self-emptying and compassion for others that permits them to see Jesus.  And seeing Jesus they will also desire God’s love.

It is in our living a way of love and compassion that others may be convinced to look at the cross of Jesus and also say, “Truly this is the Son of God.”
– N.S.

So our lives become the spear thrust into the flesh of life upon life surrounding us ... awakening slumbering hearts with minds surrendered to Christ.  Our very breath becomes God’s message to His cherished world.

Be the word in this world hungering for God’s Truth!

– Dale