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Sunday, March 17 2019 00:00

Joyful Nonsense:

Fully immersed in this world, Christians belong to no world.† Instead, while teased by each hope and every vision, they know them to be only hints of the new heaven and new earth rooted in divine promises.† And our yearning to become lost in God only intensifies our tears over the thought of leaving this life.† Christian existence is joyful nonsense.

In a culture of self-realization, the Christianís call is to renounce self; in the face of noise, silence is the preference; in a world of competition, the Christianís declaration is that the winners will be the losers and the losers winners; in a culture whose economy is intent on consumption, the Christian insists on simplicity; in a culture structured by possessions, the insistence is upon detachment; in a culture intent on a high standard of living, the Christian insists upon a high standard of life; and at every point, the Christian exposes the emptiness of fullness for the sake of the gospelís fullness of emptiness.
Ė W.P.J.

Powerful words, intense when taken to heart.† Thought I might share them with you.

Be Blessed,
Ė Dale