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Sunday, July 21 2019 00:00

Agony is a thought or concept that we seldom dwell on today.  In times past however, this word was attached rather securely to one’s faith.  Faith brings relief, yes, relief from the burden of sin and also from the results of that sin.  Relief that leads to a celebratory joy and peace as we discover more of our new found life in Christ.  But very clearly faith is also designed to bring a severity – an agony – that in the life of the believer ushers us to new found discoveries.

We, being changed creatures, now agonize over recurring failures that we recognize as sin.  But more than this, we also agonize over those whose lives are inextricably intertwined in the darkness of this present world – who are lost and in desperate need of a life-giving, life-changing Savior.

Agony becomes our adrenaline giving us the capacity to overcome fear and timidity – leading us to be expressive with our faith.  Please know that if agony is not experienced by the believer, moving them to action . . . then darkness has eclipsed the light, and that’s not natural!

– Dale

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